Thanks to my new job I was able to visit Falmouth in Cornwall. Despite the packed schedule with visits to hotels and B&Bs I was able to get a feel for the places, especially early in the mornings. I had always wanted to visit Cornwall since when I was a teenager and I was thrilled to be able to finally do so.

The Cornish have a very strong identity and feel identified with their own region more than with the UK; it is always interesting to see how each place is unique and has its own history.

Falmouth is a lovely fishing village that sticks with you because of its exotic look. I particularly like the hundreds of palms planted around the small town and the colorful buildings leading to the harbour.

Thanks to our lovely tour guide and driver Kevin, we also managed to experience some of the best bars and restaurants during our short stay there.

We had beers at the Chain Locker pub and then dinner at Rickstein.

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