Things to do in Sydney

Sydney is probably the most elegant city I have visited so far. The first impression is the one that last they say, and after twelve hours on a bus from Griffith it looked to us like heaven on earth. We booked a private room in one of the many hostels in Kings Cross, which also had a rooftop, and used it as a base for the next couple of days. This because as we ventured to Bondi Beach the day after, carrying my CVs already, I got a trial in a restaurant by the beach and got the job two days after, and so we moved to a hostel in Bondi Beach instead. Bondi is stunning, it’s like you see it in the movies, a long sanded beach with a swimming pool on one side and lots of little houses, cafes and hostels on the front line. Moreover, you can access so many fantastic walks from Bondi, like the one to Coogee or the one to Vaucluse, with views over Sydney’s harbour, insane!

Darling Harbour

and its beautiful gardens. It’s the perfect place for leisure. Full of cafes and restaurants.


You can take the ferry from Sydney Harbour to Manly for a relaxing day away from the city. You can enjoy a pint with fantastic views and walk in the forest.

Bondi Beach

You can get to Bondi Beach on a train or bus in 20/30 minutes from Sydney. There you can experience the coolest surfing atmosphere in the area. You will never be too far from a barefoot surfer heading to the Ocean. I still remember the day I arrived in Bondi, a few days after ‘landing’ in Sydney, where B and I decided looking for a job, after spending 3 full weeks working in farms in Griffith. Bondi, looked to me like heaven after that, and as I had CVs on me, I letf B at a cafe and went around to drop CVs. The first one I left it at asked me to go for a trial the week after and so it was that I got a job after 5 days in Sydney.



Head to Vaucluse for a fantastic view on to Sydney and its harbour. Breath taking view, I promise!

Giant Chess at Nagoya Gardens, Hyde Park


Darling Harbour - Things to do in Sydney

Darling Harbour – Things to do in Sydney

Coogee Beach - Things to do in Sydney

Coogee beach

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