Tokyo in a nutshell

I know what you are all thinking.. Tokyo in a nutshell? That’s crazy. It is. But it is possible too. For many people it’s hard to get few weeks of holidays together, especially if you have a full-time job, like me. Does this mean we need to put off our dream places? Nope.

When I planned my holidays to Japan for ten days, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to see everything. It’s all about prioritising what’s most important to you. Well, to me, having traditional sushi, sipping a Ramen in the Odaiba district and strolling around the Akihabara District was all I could ask for. Also, we stayed at the perfect accommodation which contributed to make our experience in Tokyo one of the most enriching.

Where to stay?

The Sakura Ikebukuro Hotel*** is the perfect place to stay when in Tokyo.


THE LOCATION – It’s in a quiet street round the corner of the bubbly Ikebukuro district, packed with bars, shops and restaurants. There’s a train station and a tube stop. We easily walked from our Hotel to the Ikebukuro train station when we left to Kyoto.

THE ATMOSPHERE – There is a big terrace at the entrance of the hotel with tables and chairs where you can have your breakfast and/or your drinks in the evening. I loved the fact that the bar is very popular among locals too, that stopped for one, two or more Asahi after work, still in their suit. The staff is lovely and always smiling. That’s a common thing in Japan though. Politeness is the core of their culture.

Districts to visit


Famous for its anime, manga and video games shops and for its maid cafés, this is the most exciting district of Tokyo.



Costumed girl handing out coupons for the maid cafés


This artificial island in Tokyo Bay, is a major leisure centre and residential area. Packed with cafés and restaurants and a Disney Store, not to be missed. We enjoyed two of our nights drinking and eating on the terraces of these restaurants with this stunning views.

Odaiba at dusk

3.Inokashira Park – Kichijoji, Tokyo

Street food


Famous for its crossing, known as the busiest crossing in the world, Shibuya is a very vibrant district. Plenty of shopping centres and international restaurants, including Hooter, which we visited for fun;) We don’t have this in Europe, please don’t judge!


5. Shinjuku

In Shinjuku there’s one of the most beautiful gardens of Tokyo,  the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.


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