A week in Rome

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They call it the eternal city because Romans believed the Roman Empire would never collapse. For sure I never saw such grandness before.

With its Coliseum, the Trevi fountain and Castel Santangelo, to name a few, Rome is one of the most majestic cities I have ever visited. It took me 29 years to get there, but I can finally say I have visited the capital of my country.

When to go?

All the people I spoke to who have visited Rome in summer seem to not like it and it seems that the heat and the crowds are the major reasons for that. I would definitely avoid Rome in from June to September. Rome does not have the sea and it gets incredibly hot and busy. I went on the first week of October and the weather was still nice, 22 degrees and although there were still a lot of tourists, it was very acceptable and enjoyable.

What to eat?

Everything?!?! Yes, please.

But THE Roman dish for excellence is ‘Tonnarelli cacio e pepe’. This is a very simple dish that consists of homemade thick spaghetti with pecorino cheese and ground pepper. It’s delicious! I would also recommend the ‘pasta alla gricia’ which has chilli flakes on top of ‘cacio e pepe’! La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali was a very good value restaurant and extremely well located, just between the Coliseum and the ‘Foro Romano’. So good, we went back.

Where to go?

Whether you are an outdoor person or a museum fanatic, Rome has something to offer. My boyfriend and I are more the kind of outdoor people and walked about 25 k per day every day with a nap in between! Renting a bike is also a great idea! We hired two for 10 € each and spent a lovely day.

Musei Vaticani

Even in October you can queue for up to 2 hours. We bought the tickets on the Vatican website for 4€ extra and we skipped all the queue, it was fantastic and I highly recommended it. My favorite bit was the Gallery with the Geography Maps. Absolutely stunning.



Il Vittoriano

This monument is dedicated to the first king of an unified Italy, Re Vittorio Emanuele. It is very grand as you can see and it is free to climb it up. The white marble gives it that luxurious look and it is definitely a good thing to do while in Rome.


Ponte Fabricino – Isola Tiburtina

Castel Santangelo


THE most picturesque neighbourhood in Rome


Fantastic piece of architecture with an open hole in the roof where for some reason water doesn’t come in (actually it does in small proportions).

Foro Romano

The hub in Roman times.



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