Best pubs in Edinburgh

Best pubs in Edinburgh

When it comes to pubs, Edinburgh’s scene is very hard to beat! Its huge variety of old pubs makes Edinburgh one of the top foodie places in the UK.

Here a wee list of my faves.


Possibly my favourite pub in Edinburgh. This is an authentic pub popular among locals and rugby fans. They offer a great selection of food, beers and whiskies, topped up by an amazing location, on the water of Leith, literally.

You can order platters of seafood, burgers, cullen skink (the traditional Scottish soup with smocked haddock), sandwiches, you name it!

Mac & Cheese at Teuchters, Edinburgh

The Queens Arms

I can’t believe I only discovered this pub six years after living in Edinburgh. It is the coziest and most original pub ever. You can sit at tables that have their own little door to access it and the decoration is just stunning.

The highlight of my dinner were the haggis lollipops 🙂 Such high quality haggis and such a traditional food to have when in Edinburgh. For more details about this pub, you can check my very talented friend’s post at her personal blog.

The Mitre (every day live music after 10 pm)

This is the first pub I dined in once in Edinburgh, exactly the night of the 14th of February 2011, when I arrived in a city of which I didn’t know yet how to pronounce its name correctly: Edinbra!

They still serve a lamb shank, first food I fell in love with once here, in a golden light puff pastry, which I highly recommend. They also have a good wine list to choose from although you should try one of their ales. Your choice.

The Royal Mile Tavern (every day live music after 10 pm)

The second place I have been to after arriving in Edinburgh!

This pub, like the Mitre and all the pubs in this list, is an attraction to both locals and tourists and this is what makes it amazing. I recommend their haggis and their black pudding and scallops as a starter. And wauit.. their breaded brie wedges too. Soo good!

Deacon Brodies Tavern

Part of the Nicholson’s pubs group, this pub is super well located, as the last two, on the Royal Mile, and serves great Scottish food. I like being on the first floor and look down at the Royal Mile while having my meal there.

As a starter, I would recommend the cullen skink, which is a typical dish made of smoked haddock and potatoes. Regarding dessert, I have no doubts about the sticky toffee pudding, delicious! Do you need an excuse? Well, it fights the cold!

The Jolly Judge

A gem hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city, just two steps away from the Royal Mile, in one of the many closes and courts of the Old Town. This wee pub is perfect to stop for a pint of local ale between a visit to the castle and more sightseeing. You can’t miss it!

Sheep Heid Inn

A bit further away from the city centre, this restored pub can be combined with a walk to Arthur Seat. More than 600 hundred years old, this pub offers quality food and ales which can also be enjoyed in their beautiful beer garden.

Dirty Dick’s Bar

This pub looks more like a collection of objects than a pub and this is what is fascinating about it. Why not trying another traditional dish here, a meat pie? They normally serve a day pie and also the day soup, another great food habit of the British cuisine. Just love it!

Best pubs in Edinburgh
Dirty Dicks Pub in Rose Street, Edinburgh

For more eats out in Edinburgh, have a look at my posts here below.

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