Best restaurants in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a multicultural city and so is its food scene. Even if much smaller than London, it offers proper traditional food from many different nationalities.

I love to sample new food but I also have my favorite places where I keep going back to and I recommend them if you want to spice up your culinary routine.


This cosy Scottish restaurant is named after the water of life, whiski. It has an extensive menu of whiski which go from £5 to crazy amount of £ so it is perfect for everyone. They serve local produce like meat and seafood and focus on quality. Not only is the food delicious but the restaurant itself is really nice. Maybe a bit dark because it is in a basement, but perfect for a romantic dinner.

Osteria del Tempo Perso

This is my favourite Italian restaurant in Edinburgh because it is very authentic, the waiters are professionals, the pace you are served with is very chilled, hence the name of Osteria of the lost time, and the food is all home-made and absolutely delicious. Last time we went we had this delicious piece of meat together with the best bottle of rose Pinot Grigio wine I have ever had in my life.

Ting Thai Caravan 

If you are looking for a Thai street food restaurant, look no further!

This is the best place for a pad thai or a green thai curry in Edinburgh. The set up is very casual and be ready to queue as it is extremely popular. They also serve delicious starters and if you order before than 6 pm your bill is halved (check if the offer is still in place before you go though).

Xiang Bala Hot Pot

This Chinese little restaurant is a type of all you can eat in the heart of Dalry. Hot pot is a Chinese cooking style for which meat, fish and veggies are cooked in a broth of your taste, boiling at the centre of the table you will eat at.

What to expect: your table will have a heating plate in its centre. You will be given a menu where you can choose the type of broth you want (vegetarian, chicken, spicy, etc) and tick the ingredients you want to cook in (chicken, clams, mussels, noodles, etc). These will be brought to you in a raw state and you will the drop them off into your boiling broth and cook them at your own pace and taste.

The boiled food is paired with a sauce you can prepare at the sauce stall (as I like to call it), where you can grab a little bowl and choose from various sauces (for example soy), herbs and seeds or bases, like a peanut-based sauce. I love dipping my flat noodles with beef or lamb stripes in the sauce, so tasty!

I also love Zizzi, Piza Express, Locanda de Gusti, Fishers, and so many other restaurants in Edinburgh.

For more about a seafood dinner in Edinburgh, have a look at my post here below.

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