April and May highlights around Edinburgh

1. Chinese cherry blossom trees

Princes Street Gardens, the Meadows, Botanic Gardens. Everywhere you walk you will be surrounded from these fairy tale-like landscape. They only last two weeks though.

Who said you had to go to Japan to see this?



These cute little birds are seen in Scotland between the months of April and June.

This means boat trips to either the Isle of May, accessible from Anstruther or to the Bass Rock, accessible from North Berwick.

While Anstruther is 1.5 hours away and is reachable by bus or car, North Berwick is only a 30 minutes train fare away from Edinburgh.

Anstruther’s harbour

They are both fishing villages and so you can expect super high quality seafood. I had lobster in North Berwick and it was affordable and delicious.

Anstruther is famous for its fish and chips bar, which is said to served the best fish and chips in Scotland. You need to try for yourself 😉 fish&chips and bread with butter cost us £8.5 only. Bargain!


3.Beltane Festival

The Festival for excellence. This pagan Festival is better known among the locals than tourists and it’s one of the most eccentric festivals I have seen in my life. I don’t mean it in a bad way, but in a good way, because the people at the heart of it are so original and passionate and the whole event is amazing! First of all, I like drums and the Beltane Festival involves a lot of drummers playing. Second of all, there is a huge bonfire, and finally, if not most importantly, a very original performance recreating the beginning of summer, which is challenged in its journey from various characters, with the red men being the at the centre of the attention. This festival reflects ancient Gaelic traditions which celebrate the death of spring and the beginning of summer.

4.Hidden Door Festival

This arts festival combines concerts, films, and exhibitions in unused spaces, converting them in vibrant and exciting venues for its visitors. Every year there’s something interesting for everyone. As I always say, I think spontaneous things are the best and once again this was the case when we turned up for the ‘Africa in Motion’ short after having bought tickets online and ended up having a blast being part of ‘The Dwelling Place‘ in one of the rooms of the old Leith Theatre. One of the most amazing performances I have ever attended. These two guys were recreating the atmosphere of an abandoned Hebridean cottage, a very contemporary event in this amazing part of the world.

Leith Theatre

Have you ever been to Edinburgh over this time of the year? What did you like most?



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