The Fringe best shows by me

It’s that time of the year again, the one we all wait for to enjoy  the best Edinburgh has to offer and this year it comes with the number 70! In fact, the Fringe Festival was born in 1947, as a way to lift the souls after World War 2. And what a success it was! People come from all over the world to see the thousands of shows the great team at the Fringe coordinates every year.

The moment you realise the Fringe is round the corner is when you start spotting piles of Fringe brochures at the shops and bars. You can’t not take one home and go over the book and make a list of what you will see!

I’ve been enjoying the fringe for the last six years and there have been years where I saw a lot of ticketed shows and years where I just enjoyed the free comedies. And it’s always been awesome! It’s also very hard to choose a show sometimes and I find that the ones suggested from people who have seen them and recommend them, is always a great way of picking them.

I hope to do the same for you and recommend some of the best I’ve seen throughout the years.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 

This is the show for excellence, the not to be missed show at the Fringe. Held in front of the Castle and a sold-out every evening, the Tattoo brings together the best of each country’s military in a blend of dance, music and theatre.


seen back in 2011, this London-based Colombian group is perfect if you like a mix of acrobatics, singing and breathtaking performance!

They are back this year with a new show, ‘Aceleré’ and I can’t wait to see them!


The Magnets

Recommended from a friend back in 2011, this a cappella group is not to be missed! Songs from Madonna and outstanding beat-boxing won’t disappoint you 😉

Archie Maddocks

With his new IllumineArchie show.

We saw this guy two years ago at Three Sisters in Edinburgh as part of the Free Fringe comedy program and couldn’t believe he was still doing a free show this year, because he is an amazing comedian! His new show is hilarious, and we laughed for the whole hour. He touches themes about race and he’s an extremely fast speaker making the whole thing so entertaining. I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Paris de Nuit


This must be one of the best shows I have seen at the Fringe. Sexy, funny and extremely entertaining, this group of acrobats and musicians deliver an exceptional show!

P.S. Have you looked into the Friends of the Fringe membership? I had never heard of it and wish I knew about it before. For £30 you get a lot of 2 x 1 tickets! Enjoy x

BBC space and my super talented ex colleague EMILIE


Free Street Performances

This guy had has cracking up for a whole hour!


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