The Black Hoof

The Black Hoof is a fairly new Spanish ‘jamoneria’ based in Dalry.

It is not pretentious at all and yet it offers some of the best Spanish food I’ve tried outside of Spain.

Carlos and his wife definitely add a touch to the experience as they are genuinely friendly and enjoy a banter whenever the opportunity presents.

You normally find Daisy cutting fresh ham, which is a must at the Black Hoof, either for a quick aperitif or for a nice dine in. You can have it in a classic ‘bocadillo’, or as a ‘tapa’. The warm toasted bread with fresh spread 🍅 and virgin olive oil is one of my favourite too.


Although acorn fed ham is the most popular meat, I would suggest trying ‘lomo’ as well, which is really tasty and leaner than ham.

I have now dined several times at the Black Hoof, as I do enjoy the homely atmosphere and the impeccable service, plus the authentic home made food, which I think is not an easy combination to find.

The ‘Tapas Experience Menu’, costs £13.50 per person and lets you try the best dishes available.

In honour of St Valentine’s, Carlos has put together a special menu, and my friend Itxaso and I did not hesitate in giving it a try.

We started with typical olives and ‘banderillas’, pickled veggies in a little toothpick.

IMG_20180213_183450856We continued with cheese and ‘membrillo’, a very typical and tasty fruit jelly that goes well together with mature cheeses.


The highlights of the menu were the ‘patatas bravas’, fresh grilled octopus from Galicia and ‘pimientos del padròn’, which are grilled sweet green peppers covered in lovely coarse salt.


The final touch is a homemade chocolate brownie  with whipped cream on the side, which was delicious and perfect to end a Valentine’s Menu.


On other occasions, there were red wine-cooked pears on the menu, one of my favourites.


I will certainly be keeping going back, and look forward to try new dishes at the Black Hoof.

I forgot to mention it is a BYOB restaurant and Carlos now charges £1 per bottle for corkage fee.

Que aprovechen!


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