Budapest had been on my list for a long time as I am quite attracted to everything, especially the architecture, of that part of Europe and I knew it would not disappoint me as a city. It’s made up of two cities, divided from the Danube River with Buda, the hilly side and Pest the flat and populous one.

I loved both parts although I know I would probably live in Buda if I were to call it my home.

Day 1

Central Market Hall

A Gothic building packed with local stalls that sell fresh fruit & veggie, cheese, sausages and every kind of baked goods.  I loved getting my breakfast there every morning as it was only 10 minutes away from my wonderful hotel, Museum Budapest Hotel. Definitely worth trying the Lángos (deep fried dough with sour cream or cheese) here, from the stall on the first floor, for which there is a huge queue, worth it all the wait.


Buda Castle District

The walk from Pest over to the bridge and up to this historical district is enjoyable on its own. Located on the hill of Buda, the castle district is mainly cobble stoned and pedestrian, very touristic also, but very very nice and the walk up the many steps is rewarded with spectacular views over the Danube and the iconic Parliament.

Mattia’s Church
The Fishermen’s Bastion

Chain Bridge

Coming down from Buda from the Fisherman’s Bastion you will end up in front of the famous Chain Bridge which connects you back to Pest. I loved walking on the bridges and this was no exception, they are all architecture masterpieces!


Just on the other side of the Chain Bridge there’s a bar overlooking the Danube, perfect for views and people watching. It’s called PONTOON, check it out!

Ruin pubs

We ended the day by soaking up the atmosphere at one of the ruin pubs, the first ever opened, the Szmipla Kert. What a place! We had craft beer for under £2.50 a pint and enjoyed the art all around from a seat in the back patio. Going in May has it perks as the warm weather allows you to sit outside.


Day 2

Another beautiful day, another breakfast at the Central Market Hall, and another long walk around this stunning city.

This time, we headed to the Parliament building, and enjoyed the long stroll along the Danube. The building reminds of Westminster in London and it’s very grant, but we didn’t go inside as I always prefer to enjoy the outdoors when I am not working 🙂


We continued walking towards the next bridge, which connects with Margaret Island, a green oasis in the middle of the city. You can spend the whole afternoon walking around, eating, visiting ruins and if you bring your swimwear you can also go to one of the pools or spas.



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