Camping around the Lake District

Warm weather in the UK only means one thing: more time outdoors!

Lucky enough to live in Edinburgh, the options to be outside are abundant. But for a change of scenery we decided to leave Scotland and adventure in the Brits’ most-favourite landmark, the Lake District.


It takes only two hours and half from Edinburgh to get to the outskirts of Keswick, the lovely market town situated on the shore of Derwentwater.

As often with me, this was an impromptu weekend away, decided on the Thursday night for the following day. We looked online and found a fantastic website which listed all the available campsites in the surroundings, and found availability at Wallace Lane Farm, now one of my favourite places on earth.


Everything was perfect at this campsite. From the informal check in, in what looked like the big kitchen of the owners, to the luxury facilities offered. In fact, the toilets around the campsite were heated and spotless so it was like being in a hotel in a way. The showers also had a small reception with a hair dryer hanging – very thoughtful!

We borrowed a BBQ and bought some quality charcoal from the farm and enjoyed feasting on local products bought from the market in Keswick.

Except the very small tent we slept in, it was a fantastic experience. Being woken up from the cattle early in the morning added up to that nostalgic feeling nature can give away.

I will definitely be back at Wallace Lane Farm either camping or staying in one of the cute cottages – one of them had its own bathtub.

And you? Have you been camping this year? What’s you favourite camping spot?

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