3 days on the Isle of Wight

3 days on the Isle of Wight

I was lucky enough to visit the Isle of Wight during one of my business trips with Rabbie’s.
One of the perks of my job as an Accommodation Booking Agent at Rabbie’s was definitely sourcing the best accommodation for customers.

Rabbie’s is focused on being a sustainable Tour Operator and many of the accommodation suppliers they work with have the same view so you know you are travelling responsibly when choosing their tours.

While my three days in Shanklin were packed with accommodation visits and appointments, I still managed to explore and take away some nice memories from the Isle of Wight.

Old Thatch Teashop

Indulge in one of the many options of cream teas at this 17th century teahouse, a former fishermen cottage and most probably the oldest building in Shanklin.

3 days on the Isle of Wight
Afternoon tea


Gallybagger cheese, black garlic and honeycomb doughnuts: all local delicacies to indulge in. Being an island, the Isle of Wight is almost free from big chains and it is so easy to buy local products. Enjoy! ☺

3 days on the Isle of Wight
Gallybagger cheese
3 days on the Isle of Wight
The Garlic Farm


Nosing around antique shops on the High street in Shanklin and talking to the locals who run them to know more about the Isle and its traditions.

Eating out

You can have dinner at a place like this

Shanklin’s pub

Or with views like this

Shanklin’s waterfront

You can buy affordable souvenirs and fudge boxes with stunning pictures of the Isle of Wight on them. This is also a great way to support local businesses when products are made locally.

3 days on the Isle of Wight

Garlic farm

Probably my favourite experience on the isle.

Garlic bulbs
Porcini homemade pasta


You can visit one of the most stunning palaces in the UK, Osborne, former royal holiday residence of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. A fantastic couple of hours spent strolling in the gardens and the private beach plus the opportunity to see some of the most tastefully-decorated rooms of any palace in Europe.

Osborne House
3 days on the Isle of Wight
Osborne House

Have you ever been to any of the English isles?

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