Best seafood restaurant in Edinburgh

best seafood restaurant in Edinburgh

For my last day at work I had the pleasure to decide where to have lunch with my team. It was a Thursday and the office is located in Leith Links, just ten minutes away from the Shore, a very trendy area in Edinburgh.

I had no doubt this was the perfect opportunity to try Fishers, a seafood restaurant in Edinburgh that had been on my radar for a while. The restaurant is by the water and it is inside a 17th century building.

I booked a table for four on the same day and luckily we were able to be accommodated. When we arrived, just after 1 pm, there was a lovely and buzzing atmosphere and the waiters welcomed us in a friendly way.

The furniture was woodenmade and very authentic, it felt home straight away. As soon  as we were sat we were brought a nice plate with homemade bread and butter, which was a lovely touch, especially since we were quite hungry.

What to eat

There was a set lunch menu with two courses for less than £20 which consisted of seafood choices like Shetland mussels or fish soup, etc, but I decided to order from a la carte menu.

After a bit of hesitation I opted for the langoustin tails for starter and the Shetland mussels with cream, wine and garlic as a main. Both were delicious and went down very well with a glass of Pinot Grigio 🙂

Best seafood restaurant in Edinburgh
Mussels from Shetland
Best seafood restaurant in Edinburgh
Langoustin tails
Seafood cold platter

The two colleagues of mine who didn’t eat fish ordered a succulent Aberdeen Angus steak that came with a nice portion of hand cut chips. For starter there was also pigeon breast or a Mediterranean veggies tart, if you are not that much into seafood.

Such nice meal could not be complete without a nice dessert so my colleagues and I indulged in a bread and butter pudding and a very moist and rich hazelnut brownie. Both were exquisite.

The brownie came with full hazelnuts in it, and lots of them, while the pudding was just so milky and moist I could have had two of them…

The Staff

This amazing lunch was topped up by the perfect service, which was not too smothering but friendly and helpful. It looked like both waiters were very happy in their jobs and we benefited from their positive mood:)

I can’t wait to go back!

And you? Which seafood restaurant did you love in Edinburgh?

Also check out my friend’s blog here who knows Edinburgh’s food scene inside out!



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