Returning to Barcelona

It is now official I am moving back to Barcelona, after more than eight years living away and exactly in Edinburgh.

In Edinburgh I had completely created my comfort zone, and I had forgotten how hard it is to start from zero, once again, for the 10th time or so. But hey, that’s the life of a traveller, and I know for how hard it is it may not be the last time I move either.

As we grow and we change, our goals and needs change too, and so the place we call home will have different names. Now, I wanted to be closer to family, in a bigger city, and in a place where the sun is shining all the time.

However, my arrival here was a shock. The pollution, the traffic, meeting people I hadn’t seen for years and I had nothing left in common with, and ultimately the rise of rents, all put me off and all I wanted to do was going home, that is Edinburgh. There I have my home, my friends, my routine, fresh air, fresh water and beautiful landscape; why giving it all up? That same night it stroke me that I would not find happiness in Barcelona, my life would be filled of all these different things I didn’t have in Edinburgh but I would miss others. The say ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ had never made more sense to me, I couldn’t believe I had been so naive.

However, I had come over for an interview for a company I was really interested to work for and thanks to the encouraging of my lovely other half and his more rational view on things, I slept over it and felt a lot better the day after. I would just need some adjustment, again. Yes, adjustment in the city I had dreamed of for years. It’s a funny thing how we idealise things, we romanticize them like in a movie or a travel brochure but then reality is different, it’s rower.

The sun is shining every day, I go to a different coffee shop every day and I pay under 2 euros for coffee and pastry, and I have my breakfast in the terrace..I feel like I don’t recognise myself in this city anymore, I need to make my new routine, it will be a different one from when I was 19! I am looking for peace now, and parks to explore, and I can’t wait to have a car to discover more, there’s so much to do, and the weather is so pleasant. I found a flat in a new neighbourhood, it’s becoming familiar, the Chinese guy working at the bazaar shop on the corner is very kind to me, and gives me a gift every time I am buying a bag full of home essentials. I like it, it’s the little things, and these human connections that make the difference.

Well, my alarm has rang now, I need to go run more errands, after I have my cortado and freshly squeezed orange juice in the is good!

And you? Have you recently moved to a new place and how are you coping with the change? I would love to hear..


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