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My main conversation topic is food and travel and Tales from a Red Suitcase is where I share my travel and food experiences with you.

I am a big supporter of what stated from Eugene Fodor “You don’t have to be rich to travel well.”  I must in fact say that I find myself travelling less now that I am better off financially (32 years old with a full-time office job) than 10 years ago when I was receiving the weekly payslip of around 200 pounds.

My mission is to inspire people who think they do not have the means to travel, to do so.

Some of my best travel memories involve eating a burek in a Bulgarian local bakery, looking at locals fishing in the Bosphorus in Istanbul and admiring a herd of deer crossing the road on a day trip out in the Scottish Highlands.

I was born and raised in Garda, a place that I still find hard to beat when travelling abroad, and is now, one of my favourite summer holiday destinations. Have a look here for more info! 🙂

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  1. Love Eugene’s quote on traveling well without being rich. Totally resonates with me too. Looking forward to reading your food and travel stories!

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