Tacos in Gracia

Last night I used the ‘El Tenedor’ app for the first time in my life and I can’t believe I never used it before. So many times we had to compromise for a less than average meal because everywhere was busy or because we didn’t know where to go. However, last night, we decided to plan ahead, something we never do, and while sipping our aperitif in la Barceloneta, we looked for a restaurant and booked a table online in less than 2 minutes.

La Catrina Fusion had very good reviews and we booked a table for 9 pm. The service exceeded our expectations, there was enough staff, which is nice to see, and everyone was so attentive and polite.

We went for the spicy beers (michelada) and a Bloody Mary, and started with some nachos with chilli con carne to share  between the three of us.

For mains, we shared three different tacos, the ‘pulpo a la Diabla’, the chicken and the beef ones. None of them was very spicy to my taste but they all where exceptional. I have eaten lots of tacos in California, but these ones were another level, made of yellow corn and delicious.


We ended with the typical ‘tres leches’ cake, a simple sponge filled of condensed milk, vaporized milk and milk cream with a thin layer of fresh strawberries and lots of whipped cream as a decoration.

Definitely a great dining experience which we will repeat! 🙂



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