La Rochelle

I have just come back from a long weekend spent in La Rochelle, the birth town of my other half, a stunning medieval town on the Atlantic Ocean.

The Mediterranean Sea is beautiful, but the Atlantic Ocean has nothing to envy to it. I remember this is where I saw the longest tide ever five years ago, it went down at least a couple of miles I believe, an extremely fascinating thing to see.

Where to stay in La Rochelle

This time we went for the wedding of my boyfriend’s best friend, and it was the perfect excuse for me to re-discover this little gem (I say ‘gem’ a lot, sorry ;)). While my boyfriend still has family there, we decided to have our own space and rented an interesting finding on

It was in fact a little apartment in what is normally sold as student residence accommodation, but rented out to tourists when university is over, I guess. Student Residence Suitetudes H²O – La Rochelle is situated a short walk away from town, in a quiet residential area.

It’s a self-check in type of accommodation, with no particular common area that I could see, but we were so impressed with the space in the apartment, especially when we booked the economy one.

The flat had a fully-equipped kitchen, a nice double bed and a fully-equipped bathroom, like a small studio. Having our own space allowed us to relax a bit more, especially when you are spending time with family and friends all day long and you need a wee break (=nap).

Where to eat in La Rochelle

Not far from our accommodation, and just by the harbour, we found a very interesting place where to have a beer. ‘La Belle du Gabut‘ is a former-abandoned building which has now been converted into a complex of drinks and food stalls that sold delicious local produce and craft beer, so of course, we went there every day 🙂

I definitely need to go back to try the food, as we always had food at restaurants instead. The little stall called ‘Le Coquillagerie’ was serving mouthwatering plates of fresh seafood, I still don’t know how I resisted 🙂

La Rochelle
La Belle du Gabut

It might have been the thought of a ‘galette’, a Breton specialty, hard to find outside of France, in my experience.

This delicious version of a crepe, is a thin and crispy savory pancake made of buckwheat flour, served with anything from champignons, bacon and eggs, to salmon, emmenthal cheese and much more. It is one of my favourite foods to eat when I visit France.

As per tradition (my tradition), I always have a sweet crepe to follow, this time it was just lemon juice and sugar, a simple choice but a great one too!

La Rochelle
Galette Breton

Another must-do in La Rochelle is eating ice cream at Ernest‘s.

It is honestly one of the best ice creams I have ever had. I could not decide which flavour to have so went for three different ones and ended up with this little tower!

La Rochelle
Coconut, raspberry and yogurt ice cream at Ernest Glacier

Bring me back to La Rochelle! One amazing thing of writing in this blog is that, somehow, I get to experience fantastic moments once again 🙂 I am full of tips for La Rochelle in summer, we had such an amazing time, just relaxing and strolling around.

We even had craft beers and local cheese on a boat, anchored in the harbour. This boat is part of the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle, and it has a bar that, by the looks of it, is not very advertised with tourism and so was easy to find a table and get served quickly. We had a blast!


After the disappointment of not getting into any of the top-reviewed restaurants on the Friday night, we decided to book a table for dinner for the day after, and as La Rochelle is the French capital for mussels and oysters, we had to book a seafood restaurant.

Le Panier de Crabe is a typical seafood restaurant, not fussy, with few typical dishes from the region. Not only was the food so good, but the restaurant is located in the Saint Nicolas neighbourhood, in a very romantic cobblestoned square, full of restaurants and atmosphere.

Seafood plate at Le Panier de Crabes

You may not believe so, but it’s not only food and drink I am after. Ok, I am not a big museums’ fan, but that’s because I prefer the outdoors and with a town rich in history like La Rochelle, you do get a lot to see even by walking around.

And funny enough, this time I even went to the ‘Museum d’Histoire naturelle’ de La Rochelle, and quite enjoyed it. The entrance is only a fiver and it is an alternative thing to do if you need repair from the sun or the rain.

La Rochelle

I can’t wait to go back! I hope I inspired you to visit a less-known place in France, definitely worth a visit! 😊

5 thoughts on “La Rochelle

  1. I definitely want to visit Brittany. I love your self-imposed crepe rule. I think I will adopt it, too. 🙂 We are heading to England in a few weeks and the first part of the trip will be visiting my in-laws. For the first time ever, we have booked accommodation (AirB&B) instead of staying with the husband’s parents. Boy, did this cause a lot of ruffled feathers. Sounds like your boyfriend’s family is more understanding. Lucky you. 😉 Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely an area worth visiting, I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed 🙂 Where in England are you going to? Good choice with the AirB&B, it’ll feel much more of a holiday and your in-laws may get used to that eventually 😉 Thanks for reading! X


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