Eating tacos in Barcelona

Eating tacos in Barcelona

Eating tacos in Barcelona should be on our list of things to do when visiting Barcelona 🙂

Since I moved to Barcelona last March, I’d always wanted to try Cantina Machito, a Mexican restaurant in Gracia, a lovely neighbourhood close just above Passeig de Gracia.

And without planning it, I finally had the pleasure to do so last night. The restaurant is ideally located in a pedestrian street in the lovely upper side of Gracia, for who doesn’t know, a trendy area in Barcelona which feels like a village rather than a typical barrio of the Catalan capital.

As we arrived at 7 pm, a time when Spanish are probably having their afternoon  coffee, we had no problem in finding a table outside. It was also stormy so not as many people would have been enticed to sit outside. The little wooden table painted in pink was the first positive impact, plus the outside of the restaurant is decorated in the typical Mexican colourful patterns and it looked very cosy and welcoming.

The menu offered a good selection on beers, micheladas, wines and tequilas. B went for a traditional Modelo Especial while I ventured for a Clamato, which is an already-made drink of concentrate tomato juice and clam broth, added to a beer of your choice.

The waiter suggested me a Mexican beer which had just arrived and so I opted for that one; the drink was served in a large pint glass with chillies and salt on the border of the glass. It was delicious, and it will always be a winner for me because I love tomato juice in drinks. However, it did feel like a meal, and I could not even finish it. It’s definitely worth your 7 euros 😉

Mexican tacos in Barcelona
Clamato, Mexican drink

As for food, we ordered the ‘guacamole’ to start and a selection of 4 different tacos to share. The nachos, or totopos, were different from any other ones I had when at Mexican restaurants, they were really crunchy and not oily at all, and overall I actually really enjoyed them.

Mexican tacos in Barcelona
Totopos with guacamole

The surprise with the tacos was that they came with a double taco below each one, so B and I could have 1 taco each basically, like if it was 8 in total. I would have liked if they had included a fish one, but that was written on the menu so the four ‘carnitas’ tacos were not unexpected, and they were very tasty.


Overall a very good dining experience and also very happy with the price and the feeling of fullness after eating. I would always go for a ‘tres leches’ cake but could not face a dessert, a reason more to go back! 🙂

What are your favourite Mexican tacos in Barcelona?

Check out this other favourite Mexican restaurant in Gracia 😊

Thanks for reading 😊

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