Garda Lake Garda

Garda Lake Garda

Tomorrow I am going home

I don’t think there is any better feeling than the day before going home…the mix of emotions you experience, the thought of all the food you are gonna eat and of course seeing your family and old friends.

No matter the fact I lived away from it for more than ten years, it will always be home.

Garda Lake Garda
Garda, Lake Garda
Garda, Lake Garda
Garda’s Gulf
Garda Lake Garda
Verona, Italy
Garda, Lake Garda
Madonna della Corona in Brentino Belluno, Verona
‘Aolette fritte’, Garda
Garda, Lake Garda
Bardolino, Lake Garda
Monte Altissimo di Nago, Lake Garda

Have you ever been?



3 thoughts on “Garda Lake Garda

  1. Yes❤️ And I love it. Fully understand, home is home! But, you can have a second home! Enjoy your trip 👍🏻


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