Exploring South West England

You may have heard of the Cotswolds, Area of Outstanding Natural in the South of England, easily reachable from London, Bristol, Bath and Oxford. A lot of tourists do not necessarily visit or know this place as London, Edinburgh or Oxford may be on their priority list when visiting the UK.

Some others, those who may be looking for natural landscapes and beauty, will definitely agree this area is one of the most fairy-tale like places they have ever explored. With its elegant cottages and thatched roofs, set by those lush hills, the Cotswolds are a place I definitely recommend to anybody visiting one of the big cities in England.

Avebury and Lacock

In Avebury there is a set of standing stones which remind the more famous Stonehenge. I’m sure it is just a matter of time before this natural area attracts as many visitors as its sister centre.

Lacock is a small village used for a lot of movies like Harry Potter, Downtown Abbey, The Other Boleyn, and many more similar masterpieces! No wonder they choose Lacock, as the place has remained unchanged for decades.

Exploring South West England
Exploring South West England
Exploring South West England
Pub in Cirencester

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