Latest food discoveries in Barcelona

Happy 1st year anniversary to me! Today marks one year already that I have returned to the Condal city and what better day to write a bit about my most recent food experiences in Barcelona!

There has been Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Catalan.

Italian – Porto

Unbeatable location, between Born and Barceloneta, this place has a very small terrace, just three tables, and a hipster interior. It opened just a couple of weeks ago and I loved their unique idea of transforming traditional Italian dishes like carbonara, amatriciana and cacio e pepe, to say a few, in fish dishes, by adding some prawns, scallops, you name it, in each dish.

We went for the paccheri with cacio e pepe (+ prawns), and the orecchiette with pistachio pesto (+ prawns) – we do like prawns! 🙂

Will definitely be back as I’m curious to see how this new restaurant develops.

Mexican – Chido One (we are addicted)

In one of my other posts I told you about tacos at Machito, in Gracia. Well, Chido One is its sister restaurant, a few steps away from Machito. We went on a Sunday almost two months ago, and are now addicted to it. We love the cosy atmosphere inside, and the food is top-notch as well!

The order of antojitos is our favourite dish, an essential now. It consists of different nibbles, antojitos means ‘little cravings’, and it does satisfy every palate. It is quite filling but we always order some tacos or nachos with guacamole as well, as it’s delicious.

Spanish – Taberna del cura

This was a proper discovery as I had always seen it from outside but it looked quite posh. However, my other half brought me there unexpectedly for Valentine’s day and I really enjoyed our dining experience. The restaurant seems to have stopped in time a few decades ago: the waiters are all of an older age, dressed with proper white and black uniforms, and bringing a unique service to the place. The menu was simple and the portions big. We ordered the typical Catalan ‘cannelloni’ as an unusual starter, together with a plate of roasted veggies.



We then continued with a steak tartar for him, and a sirloin fillet for me. Both delicious. Their speciality is definitely the coal, where both veggies and meat are grilled. Overall really good food, my fav being the cannelloni, super creamy and light at the same time. It’s probably not my everyday restaurant to go to, but definitely a good one to keep in mind for that special occasion.

Catalan – a traditional calçotada

If you live in Barcelona or come visiting between January and April, you need to try these typical sweet onions, grilled on coal and dipped in Romero sauce, a tomato- and almond-based sauce. Many restaurants offer a set menu where you can enjoy lots of calçots, grilled bread with garlic and tomato, Catalan meat (butifarra, etc), dessert and wine.

Will you try any? 🙂



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