Enjoying a slower life

It’s been over two weeks that I’ve now been working from home and I’m one of the few people that seem to not mind it. I did work from home for 4 full months managing AirBnB flats back in 2018, so I was used to the whole thing, and although back then I didn’t always enjoy it, I did already appreciate a few things.

For example.

Not rushing in the morning. I can stare the wall with my coffee for an extra 40 minutes, I love that!

Cooking every meal from scratch. Although eating a bit more.

Enjoying the sun from the balcony. This is a new one. I used to walk in the park when I didn’t have a balcony and was allowed to go out, but I do enjoy very much my balcony too.

The highlight however has been exercising from home, and in particular getting to know the fitness channel Popsugar! It opened a new world to me. I normally do Pilates in a Barcelona’s studio, and we have started doing classes on zoom, however Popsugar’s videos on YouTube really complement my workout, and I love Anna and all the fitness coaches. We did Tabata and Pilates today and it was great! Yesterday kickboxing and I can’t wait to try more.

Now cooking some black beans for a burrito bowl recipe I found online.

Thanks technology! You are great to us.

What about you? Have you been enjoying more home time? Xxx


5 thoughts on “Enjoying a slower life

  1. The burrito bowl recipe sounds nice and it’s great you have a balcony. Currently in the UK we are allowed to go out for an hours exercise if not in social isolation. Hope that continues. x


  2. Loving the lack of commute, no packing a lunch the night before, adios makeup, seeing my pet bunny (and the husband) several times a day. When my gym temporarily closed, I signed up for a 3-month membership to Beachbody streaming. Helps keeps things novel and interesting so I don’t blow off my daily morning work out. So far, so good! We are still allowed outside, so I’m getting out for runs and walks, too. Stay safe. We’re supposed to be coming there in July. Fingers crossed…


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