Taralli, THE Apulian specialty

Good morning world! How are you all?

I have had a bit of a tough week getting used working from home in the past 2 weeks, but I am feeling better now.

Over the weekend I found by chance this lovely Italian-food blog Imprastando, and my favourite food recipe, TARALLI!

What is ‘taralli’?

Taralli is an Apulian savoury biscuit which is enjoyed by Italians with a glass of wine or on its own. It is very common to find them at any happy hour buffet in Italy and whenever I can grab myself a bag of them at any Italian deli, it normally doesn’t last long (it’s gone in 1 hour LOL).

So last night, after work, I ventured into the shop to buy a cheap bottle of wine (living in Spain is great as you can get a quality bottle of wine for 1,85 € and use it for cooking) to start my dough. I followed Imprastando’s recipe and used the following ingredients:

500 gr flour

200 gr white wine

2 small spoons of salt (16 grams)

150 gr of extra-virgin olive oil (18.75 table spoons)

And that’s it.

I put everything together in a bowl and worked well the dough. I have to say it was the hardest dough I ever worked and it did take me a good 10 minutes working it before having a nice and smooth texture. Then I covered it for 30 minutes and after that started making the typical shape of a tarallo.

Using bf to make taralli
Shapes ready

Once your shapes are ready, you need to throw them in boiling water until they come to the surface (like you do with gnocchi, for 2 mins or so). Make sure you don’t put too many as you don’t want them to stick to one another.

Phase 1 – boiling taralli

When they come to the surface, you take them out carefully with a skimmer (if you have one) and lay them on a clean and dry teatowel or a chopping board.

Boiled taralli waiting to go into the oven

And lastly, you take your taralli and put them in a tray direct in the oven which should have been preheated at 200 degrees FC.

Leave them in for 20-25 mins.

So proud with the results. And they were delicious!

I don’t think I will always cook them anyway, but I will definitely keep buying them! 🙂

Have you ever tried them? Are they available in your country?



8 thoughts on “Taralli, THE Apulian specialty

  1. We love taralli! We were first served them on a train in Italy. Here in Minnesota we can get them at one or two of our high-end grocery stores. We love them with a glass of wine. Impressive that you are making them from scratch. I’ll bet the husband (my household cook) will want to try making them now, too!

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    1. It’s so nice to hear you can get them in Minnesota too. I love them and I had never even remotely considered making them from scratch, I guess these are the positives we can take out from this situation. And I felt so proud about having made them. Please do let me know if your husband cooks them 🙂 x

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