Roasted peppers, Mediterranean style

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So this blog is slowly transforming into ‘tales from a fridge’ rather than a red suitcase.

I am loving trying new recipes, especially those foods that I love and normally only eat out or buy already made.

It is not the case with roasted peppers, but it was the first time I did them in the oven yesterday.

I took a big red pepper, washed it, dried it, and put it in the oven that had been preheated, at 180 degrees Celsius. I left the pepper in for 30 minutes and in that time I turned it over 3 times, so to roast each side properly. As you can see my chopping board is a bit tired, but that’s because I use it a lot, in fact I need to buy a new one.

Roasted pepper

I then put it into a freezer bag and left it there for 10 minutes as the humidity helps soften the skin of the pepper, that you need to remove after.

I took the skin off and then I sliced the pepper, added lemon, oil and salt and left it in the fridge for the whole day and night.

We are now ready for a lovely pasta with roasted peppers 🙂 I read a roasted peppers cream is also a very good idea. Next time.

Roasted peppers

Pasta with roasted peppers and left-over squid

Bon appetit!



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