Venezuelan food in Barcelona

Venezuelan food in Barcelona is abundant and something we did not have while living in Edinburgh. Today Ba and I were supposed to get married in Edinburgh, the city we met and lived together for a decade before moving to Barcelona last year.

In order to celebrate our non-wedding day (a bit like your non-birthday day, aka any day is a good day to eat and drink), we booked a table on The Fork and tried out Donde Siempre, this Venezuelan restaurant for the first time.

The Fork (El Tenedor)

I would normally prefer to book directly but I must say The Fork (El Tenedor here in Spain) does come in handy, when the food choices are so wide and you wanna know which place is open.

So when we saw that ‘Donde Siempre Diagonal’ was open we didn’t hesitate and booked a table straight away.

We had only had Venezuelan food in Barcelona once before, over the winter and at Rabipelao, so today was fun as we could compare it to something else as well.

The food

Obviously we had tequeños for starters, which are cheese-breaded sticks I fell in love with. The cheese, ‘queso blanco’, reminds me a bit of halloumi for its slightly rubbery texture, although it’s not salty as halloumi. It’s a cheese very hard not to like really.

Together with the tequeños we ordered a mix of empanaditas, perfectly-fried corn flour triangles filled in with pulled beef, pulled chicken and ‘queso blanco’. While the chicken one was also nice, the pulled beef and cheese ones were definitely my two favourites.

Venezuelan food in Barcelona
On the left tequeños and empanaditas on the right

As a main we ordered the ‘pabellòn’ as I had heard from friends that this is the typical dish in Venezuela. And it was delicious. It is a very complete dish with rice, pulled beef, avocado, black beans with cheese, platano macho (type of banana) and of course an arepita (this time it was of wheat flour).

Venezuelan food in Barcelona
Pabellòn criollo/venezolano

The staff and the drinks’ menu

Everything was delicious and perfectly cooked. The girl serving us was very nice as well. The only thing I would improve is the choice of beers. They had Montseny, a local craft beer, Estrella Galicia, which is quite nice, and Amstel on draft. I like when places have local draft beer in general.

We will definitely back!

Now I want to eat more food from other countries of South America. Any suggestions?

For more ethnic eats in Barcelona, check out our Ethiopian experience here:

Thanks for reading xxx


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