Ethiopian food in Barcelona

Ethiopian food in Barcelona is becoming more and more popular.

Round the corner from our flat, there’s an Ethiopian restaurant we have been meaning to try for a while now. And last night we finally had the pleasure to do so. We booked a table on The Fork, once again, and also noticed that we are actually gaining Yums (as they refer to points), so extra motivation to use this platform!

El Delicios d’Etiopia is located in Joanic, just next to the trendy neighbourhood of Gracia. Opposite to the busy squares of Gracia, this restaurant benefits of a quiet road and four tables outside on what is the pedestrian curb of carrer Alegre de Dalt.

The thatch patio Tiki umbrellas make the ‘terrace’ look super cosy. When we arrived at 8.30 pm, like proper non-Spanish, for our dinner reservation, the terrace was full of people enjoying beers and chatting with friends.

We ordered two Ethiopian lagers and took a picture of the menu that was hanging on the wall, as you are supposed to do these days. The menu was small, as I like.

El Deliciós d’Etiopia’s Menu

We ordered the sambusa de carne, little filopastry-like triangles filled with beef meat, which were absolutely delicious. I preferred them to the usual samosa I had in the UK, while Bastien actually prefers those. I like them better because they are lighter and the meat tastes nicer too.

As a main we got the combinado of meat for two, as suggested by the kind man, who I think is also the owner.

Ethiopian food in Barcelona
Ethiopian lager

The dish consisted of the typical Ethiopian flat bread, a spongy dough that reminded me of a crepe without eggs, and a mix of different sauces including beef, lentils, cabbage, carrots and beetroot.

Everything tasted absolutely delicious. It was also a bit spicy and I loved it, but you can ask for the non spicy version if you prefer it. They also have a vegan option.

Wanting to help the business seen the hard times, we also went for the dessert. I just realised how altruistic that sounds, although we certainly also wanted the dessert, I’m not gonna lie. Win win situation there.

So we ordered one of each: the frozen cream cheese, and a baklava. I was really impressed by the first one, which tasted a bit like ricotta and was sweet and delicious. The baklava was as rich as you get them, a bomb of flavour!

Frozen cream cheese and baklava

Needless to say we will be back! The food was simple but very tasty and the service lovely.

Have you ever tried Ethiopian food? Would you give it a try?

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Thanks for reading as always.



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