Parc de Cervantes Barcelona

Parc de Cervantes Barcelona

Today we entered phase 2 in Barcelona, which means freedom to walk at any time we want (more or less).

Barcelona never stops to surprise me, today we cycled Diagonal – this beautiful avenue that crosses the city in diagonal – towards the university’s area and walked in Parc de Cervantes.

Parc de Cervantes is one of the biggest parks in the city and it’s particularly beautiful because of its views on the city and its rose garden.

How to get there

The easiest way to get to Parc de Cervantes is to catch the green line to Zona Universitaria. It’s cheap, safe and straightforward to catch the tube in Barcelona. The green line goes through the city centre with 3 stops along the Rambla itself.

Parc de Cervantes, Barcelona
Views on Montjuic

If you are passionate about flowers, you will absolutely love this parc, where you can see up to 150,000 blossoming roses in May.

May is also the month which sees a roses competition in Parc de Cervantes, which aims to promote the safeguard of roses around the world.

Do you have a favourite park?

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