Two weeks in Garda

Two weeks in Garda

I’ve been pretty quiet in the last few weeks as I was busy spending time with family and friends back home in Garda, Lake Garda. What a place to call home, right? 🙂

Where is Garda?

Garda is a town of 4000 inhabitants located by Lake Garda, just 32 km from Verona.

Two weeks in Garda
Garda on the right side of Lake Garda, Veneto
Lake Garda, 2nd biggest lake in Europe

How to get there?

Venice, Bergamo (Milan) and Milan Malpensa are the closest airports to reach Lake Garda.

Verona’s airport would be the closest one to Garda, but it is really small and there are very few connections.

Two weeks in Garda in pictures

Garda is one of the most characteristic villages of the lake, as fishing is still a well-practiced activity and you will see lots of young fishermen going out or better said, coming back with their boats – I say this because they leave early at dusk to go fishing.

Corno beach, Garda
Two weeks in Garda
Harbour, Garda
Main promenade in Garda, Lake Garda

Where to drink when in Garda

Antigua Bodeguita Trezza

This bar serves the best-quality food and drinks in Garda, topped up by offering live music showing off some of the most acclaimed bands in the area! It is the place to be when in Garda 😉

I had the pleasure to see again both ‘Vittoria e i Gorilla‘ & ‘GIUDI e QUANI‘! What talents! Watch the videos here and judge for your self. Nothing to envy to any big city’s music scene, right?!

GIUDI e QUANI at Antigua Bodeguita Trezza, Garda
Gingerino at Antigua Boseguita Trezza, Garda

Where to eat when in Garda

Le Rasole

For an authentic and traditional eating experience, Le Rasole is definitely the restaurant to try. You will need a car or a bycicle or you can also walk if it’s not too hot, as this restaurant is tucked away in a wineyard closer to the hill than the water. The set up is breathtaking as you are eating ‘al fresco’ surrounded by green.

The place is popular among tourists and locals alike, always a great evidence of a successful place.

I used to go to ‘Le Rasole’ when my beloved grandfather was still alive and they still have their ‘tempura zucchini’ on the menu, a must when you eat there. This time I had the wild boar ribs which were delicious! And I also tried their snails, my second time eating them and still not loving them, sorry!

For some more pictures about my holidays in Garda, have a look at my post here 😉

Have you ever been to Lake Garda?

Thanks for reading as always 🙂



7 thoughts on “Two weeks in Garda

  1. Garda is very close to my hometown. It is a relaxing place indeed. Can I just correct one info of yours? Verona Airport is small but there is a good choice of connections: to Frankfurt, Munich, Rome, London Gatwick, Paris. Venice and Bergamo are at a reasonable distance, but Malpensa is too far away. Thanks for sharing. Welcome again!


  2. So we are neighbours! Where are you from? Yes, you’re right! Verona does have some good conncetions like to London, Paris and some other main cities, I just wish it was a thriving European hub as Bergamo or Venice are. And yes, Malpensa is a bit far but sometimes it’s the only choice depending on where you are flying from.
    I am back to Barcelona now, but it was lovely being home, thank you 🙂


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