Best books I read in 2020

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I’m a romantic at heart so romantic and possibly historical novels is all I read.

Now on my Kindle, a gift from my hubby-to-be.

I love real books but Kindle has been convenient. Especially now that I’m unemployed.

Although I did mostly buy second hand books at charity shops when I used to live in the UK. None of that here in Spain, where you pay 20 euros easily for a new book.

My list of best books read in 2020 goes like this:

  • New York
  • A tree grows in Brooklyn (Up in my top 3 books ever read)
  • New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane by Rosie Clark
  • Picture Perfect by Kate Forster
  • Starting over at Acorn Cottage
  • The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay by Nicola May
  • Cool Gray City in Love (For if you have been to San Francisco and want to try understand the city)

Best books I read in 2020

Which books kept you going in 2020?




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