Best books I read in 2020

I’m a romantic at heart so romantic and possibly historical novels is all I read.

Now on my Kindle, a gift from my hubby-to-be.

I love real books but Kindle has been convenient. Especially now that I’m unemployed.

Although I did mostly buy second hand books at charity shops when I used to live in the UK. None of that here in Spain, where you pay 20 euros easily for a new book.

My list of best books read in 2020 goes like this:

New York

A tree grows in Brooklyn (Up in my top 3 books ever read)

New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane by Rosie Clark

Picture Perfect by Kate Forster

Starting over at Acorn Cottage

The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay by Nicola May

Cool Gray City in Love (For if you have been to San Francisco and want to try understand the city)

Which books kept you going in 2020?



7 thoughts on “Best books I read in 2020

      1. Just booked it at the library. Thank you. Based on the description, it bears a resemblance to one I just started about a Nigerian girl: The Girl with the Louding Voice. Not funny, but very good so far.


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