El Viti Taberna, a bistro in Barcelona

I had a very nice dinner with my friend last Thursday. This place was recommended to me and it didn’t disappoint.

The tapas menu was varied, modern and traditional at the same time as it kept some Spanish staples such as croquetas, or patatas, but with a twist. We had the ‘aubergine and smoked scamorza croquetas’, which were delicious, and so was everything else to be honest.

One of their specialty is the torreznos de Soria, which is basically bacon fried in a special way. Crispy and light, you eat one after the other without realising.

Looking at the bill I realised we had more drinks than food, so I feel it’s worth saying that their wine selection was also really good, as well as their gins one. We went for a verdejo bottle of white wine which sold at just 16 euros, and a super well presented Hendricks gin and tonic which sent us home with a bang.

I recommend booking and I will certainly go back.

Have you ever tried ‘torreznos’? What’s your favourite tapa? 🙂

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