Munich, Germany

This year I used my visits home as an excuse to explore two new cities. One of them is Munich, which is located just five hours by train to Verona. The train journey is not only cheap (I paid 80 euros only, despite buying it last minute), but also very scenic as you go through the Alps.

Train to Italy

Munich is all I expected and more. The centre is very pedestrian friendly and the main avenue is full of old breweries and even older churches. I love lager and I love Augustiner beer, which we also drink in Verona, so it was super exciting to be sitting at its headquarters 🙂

I ended up staying a night only since my hostel was packed with a school group and I didn’t sleep at all; everybody tells me they have no idea how I can keep going to shared dorms, even if only female, but to be honest I feel like lately I don’t because I end up leaving anyway!

However Munich is an expensive city and I could divert here only because hostels were cheap. Who knows though, maybe the time of travelling only when you have money has arrived for me too? 😦 I know I could maybe look into a private room somewhere outside the centre but I find that when I did then I didn’t enjoy commuting to do sightseeing.

Third world problems really, I know.

Anyway, I managed to walk this gorgeous centre, have delicious cold meat and cheese Bavarian style platter, drink Augustiner and other Bavarian beers in some of the oldest breweries in the world, and also make a friend from New York, an amazing man, a traveller, with whom I shared some incredible conversations, so it was definitely worth it!

I would love to go back in summer and have more time to explore; the English gardens are still on my bucket list.

Have you ever been to Munich and did you like it?

Visiting churches in the evening with my new NY pal
New Town Hall, Marienplatz

3 thoughts on “Munich, Germany

  1. It has been a while since I visited Munchen but the city left a strong impression on me. It was lovely seeing the Marianplatz in your post and inside the church. Some of the churches in Germany aren’t overly decorated but impressive, nonetheless.
    The English garden might be best seen as I did, at Xmas time when there is a vibrant Christmas market situated there. A really festive feel.

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