Recent best pizzas had in Barcelona

Edited post**21st Jan 2023

Grosso Napoletano

Grosso Napoletano is a Neapolitan style pizza chain that arrived in Barcelona in 2022 if I am not wrong. I finally tried their pizza in November while in Valencia, as a takeaway after a full day at the MotoGp final, and fell in love. Since then, I tried two of our the three pizzerias they opened in Barcelona, one of them being an entirely gluten free pizzeria; the pizzas are top notch, thin in the middle with the big doughy crust on the outside, true to the Nepaolitan origins, and the ingredients delicious. I also like the spaces and the staff was nice. I would say this is now my favourite pizza together with Sartoria Panatieri.

Sartoria Panatieri

A sustainable pizza.

Voted 5th best pizzeria in Europe and one of the best in the world, Sartoria Panatieri is a well established name in Barcelona and has also been featured in a National Geographic article too. Why?

On top of offering seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, they do their own mortadella and salami; this way they are able to offer quality meat and being more sustainable. They now have two pizzerias, the first one opened in the old neighbourhood of Gracia, and the most recent in the Eixample. I have had many pizzas at the Gracia one, either at their long wooden tables, or in the patio, but I do love their new one, as it is super spacious and has an industrial vintage decor I found very cosy and cool.

Pizzas I recommend you to try are:

  • Chorizo picante (a thin base of tomato sauce, crispy chorizo, cheese). My favourite right now.
  • Egg, panceta, bottarga, potatoes (a pizza I would have never gone for, for so many reasons: I don’t like potatoes on a pizza, or bottarga – this became my favourite for a while! I really recommend you give it a try.
  • The four cheeses one, a classic with Spanish quality cheeses and not oily as many other four cheeses pizzas can be.
  • The mortadella one is good but a bit dry in the base for my taste.

Spaccanapoli, el Born

This pizzeria and restaurant is a little gem in one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods of Barcelona, El Born. The staff and the ingredients are 100% Neapolitan, and the vibe is great.

Burrata, mortadella and pistachios
Parma ham, aubergines and parmesan

We had “fruttini” as dessert, not knowing this trade marked brand, famous all around the world and available in some of the best restaurants out there. This Neapolitan family created these ice-cream filled-fruits product; my favourite one was the peanut one, salty and sweet.


Garage Beer Co Poblenou

This awesome craft beer bar, with its sister bar in Eixample, where the beer is also brewed, makes one of the best pizzas recently had! It was a bit of a surprise to be honest. Pizzas are smaller but the choice of flavours makes up for it! We had the special of the day that came with smoked ricotta and the ‘diavolina’, the typical spicy pepperoni one. Delicious both!

Three pizza places within a week! And I have some new suggestions to try so stay tuned!

What’s your favourite pizza place in Barcelona or where you live?

I would be curious to know 🙂


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