La Graciosa, the 8th Canarian Island

Hello, it’s me again with another brand new post about this dreamy side of the world, Canary Islands! We have been indulging in adventures on Lanzarote for six full days and today we decided to complete the week by leaving the island for a day trip on another island, pure island hopping!

La Graciosa is just a thirty minutes trip by ferry from Òrzola, the northernmost village on Lanzarote, a lovely fishing village which reminded me of Punta Mujeres. We had booked the ferry on their website a few days before and everything went to plan. The Romero ferry runs every thirty minutes approximately, and the trip scared the s**t out of me on the way in! Boy it was rough, with so many strong waves, however not everybody seemed that bothered and I kept cool but I did NOT enjoy it. I kept thinking at least I know how to swim so that’s fine **and also Titanic techniques (thanks Leo) on how to run to the top deck in order to go down with the ship – omg my hu

The crew is clearly more than prepared for agitated waters so there was nothing to be worried about, but that’s me, and anyway this marked the start of a new adventure!

As we got off the boat, B walks straight to the bike rental shop while I stop at the bakery and buy two tuna sandwiches and a packet of munchitos, the Canarian crisps I am kind of addicted to now. One mountain bike for B and an e-MTB for me thanks! The lady points out where to and not to go and of course we already go off path just because we have to see that beach. We were not doing anything dangerous or not recommended though, we just made our ride a bit longer.

La Graciosa, I should have mentioned first, is a barren island with no roads and no cars, except a few jeeps that tourists can hire for what they call ‘a safari’ experience. The island is divided into very rocky paths, dunes landscapes, sandy beaches, volcanoes, red sand, black sand, white sand, ocra sand. What a gem!

We made our first stop after only a few kms, in Playa Baja del Ganado, where sandwiches were devoured and a short lie down enjoyed. Short, because both of us cannot stay still. Our second stop was no long after, at Playa de Las Conchas, were we opted for going up Montaña Bermeja, a steep hike to the summit with some gorgeous views.

After that we headed to Playa del Ambar, surrounded by dunes, and one of the landscapes I enjoyed the most too.

It was a great cycle, but there were moments when I wished I had more resistance and resilience as the paths were very rocky and I was using so much concentration in trying not to fall plus the sun was really showing at that point. But that’s also the fun, and I would repeat it again tomorrow.

When we finally got back to Caleta de Sebo, the main harbour and village of La Graciosa, we stopped for a quick drink and we hopped on our ferry back, this time a much bigger boat and a much better trip.

I do want to go back, snorkel, have seafood at one of the restaurants on the sanded beach, and cycle again for sure 🙂

Views from Montaña Bermeja, La Graciosa

Have you ever been to the Canary Islands? Did you know La Graciosa is one of the best places to snorkel and dive around the world? For more stories about Canary Islands, have a read at the post below 😊

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