Slowing down in Garda

Hello bloggers!

After a week in Nebraska for a work event, and 3 months with non stop working, I took a week off to come home and recharge. As I get older I love my village more and more, although I would still find it hard and almost inconceivable, to leave the life I made abroad. It is funny how people I bump into, and friends, do ask me if I plan to come back and when. My family, on the other side, doesn’t; this is probably because they know my life more in detail and know it is not as easy to just leave it just like that. At the same time, I would find it less crazy to go back to Edinburgh, but coming back to my village I still don’t see it for me, but I still question it here and then. How can you feel so worried about coming back to your own hometown, where everybody knows you, where you have your family, friends that are like family, and on top of that come from a beautiful place?

I find myself questioning that a lot; however I do know there are valid reasons. Work, mentality, and shall we talk about bureocracy…

All this could be overcome of course, but maybe I’m just not ready and I wonder if I will ever be. And this is fine. Advocating work life balance since always, finding myself prioritising a city with work over my hometown with family and friends does throw me off sometimes. It seems incoherent. But then maybe it’s not only work I’m prioritising, as what I’m choosing is a way of working, it’s being part of something bigger, something that has a social impact, something I believe in, or ‘simply’ an healthier working environment which seems can be easier found in cities like Barcelona, Edinburgh, London, Berlin, Manchester, etc.

Will I ever stop questioning myself? One thing is for sure, it’s good to put down roots here and then, but it’s also good to change. For now I’m happy where I am for once, I’m tired of moving, and I plan to keep coming home on holidays as it’s wonderful to be home ❤

Vineyard Rivoli Veronese
Madonna della Corona, Spiazzi
View from Malga Pralongo
Truck-toria La Val, Garda (VR)
View from Bardolino onto Garda

What is your experience on this?

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