Summer recipe

Let me tell you about the recipe I came up with tonight 🙂

I had promised my hubby for our comfort meal tonight, spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and prawns. After my run, I headed to the shop and bought all the necessary: cooked prawns, wholemeal spaghetti (a first), and other things. The idea was to then head to the fruit and veggie shop to buy the tomatoes and cold beers. However, with a heavy grocery bag, I decided to stop home first and when opening the fridge there was the lovely surprise of cold beers! And fresh basil, which I had bought in the morning! There it was my new recipe: spaghetti with prawns and basil sauce!

I never saw or tried this combination before but OMG is it delicious! And I really wanted to share it here with you 🙂


  • Garlic (I used the frozen chopped one)
  • Chilly flakes (use the flakes and not the powder, it’s so much tastier)
  • Parsley ( I used the frozen chopped one)
  • Wholemeal or normal spaghetti (110 gr per person)
  • A full plate of fresh basil leaves (remove all the sticks and only keep the leaves)
  • 7-10 prawns per person
  • Parmesan (if you’re not Italian as my hubby 😄)


  • Wash the basil leaves, quickly dry them with a cloth, then add them to a jug with enough oil to cover them and use a blender to obtain a paste.
  • Add a spoon of garlic, chilly flakes to your taste and parsley to a preheated saucepan with a bit of oil to get your ‘soffritto’ (so very essential in the Italian cuisine). Be careful not to burn the garlic, the trick is to lower the flame before it can get brown, so almost immediately after it has heated up.
  • Boil your pasta in a separate saucepan and 2 minutes before it is ready, add the basil paste and the prawns to the other saucepan, switching the flame on again, and add the drained pasta. Mix it for 1 minute or 2, then switch off and leave it another 2 minutes before serving.

E buon appetito!!!

***I’m not a professional cook so do try at your own risk! 😂

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