Lincoln, Nebraska

Hi all, I feel like I always start my posts saying the same but it is true that ‘this year I have been lucky enough to visit’ Lincoln, Nebraska as part of a work retreat. This was an incredible privilege as I may have never prioritised the Nebraskan capital over New York, or Boston, or Chicago, and it was a great opportunity to visit a place so different from Europe in many ways, and especially lovely for the welcoming people I met there. It does seem that Nebraska has quite the reputation for being a place with open and hospitable people and I have definitely experienced that, as well as enjoyed, even though quickly, a bit of its outdoors.

When in Lincoln, for a short and intense week, I managed to see a few cool sightseeings, also thanks to one of those GPS-based team building games that make you go all around the city to take a picture with such statue, etc, through trivias.

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church

Nebraska State Capitol

Memorial Stadium


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lincoln Saltdogs Baseball

Cycling on the Jamaica Trail

Round the Bend Steakhouse, Ashland, NE

Additional tip*A visit to Round the Bend Steakhouse in Ashland, Nebraska, for a proper Nebraskan food experience and some really good meat. Our lovely Nebraskan colleagues brought us to this restaurant 50 minutes driving from Lincoln, where we tried bull testicles!! To be honest, this is also quite a common food in Italy, specially for our grandparents or men, but I had never tried it before and they were cooked in a light batter, so yeah, I did have one just to have fun! And no, I don’t think people eat that on a daily basis but it was curious to learn a local tradition.

I have so many party pictures of this week, a shame I won’t post them, but I will always have fond memories of this unique trip. So far in the US then, I visited California and Nebraska, well just Nebraska’s capital.

I would love to visit Boston, New York and the North East coast with those small fishing villages you see pictures of in the movies. One day 🙂

Have you ever been to Nebraska?

Thanks for reading as always,



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