Sicilian cannoli in Edinburgh

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Morning thought: if I didn’t work in an office, I would definitely love to have my B&B or my restaurant. But mainly, I would love to do one thing, and do it properly. Like this guy from the Wee Coffee Box in Leith Links, Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is packed with weekend food and craft markets and on Sunday I came across the Wee Coffee Box stall in Stockbridge, at the very popular Stockbridge market. Who I think was the owner, was the most polite person I talked to, wearing the typical Sicilian hat, ‘coppola’ and chatting away with all the customers, and returning ones, while mastering filling those hand made cannoli with that delicious ricotta cream, coming straight from Sicily apparently.

Freshly filled Sicilian cannoli

On top of the cannoli, which are clearly the main characters here, he was selling the typical Italian caramelized almonds and other nuts that you typically find at fairs. He kindly added a small one to my cannoli and I didn’t expect such explosion of taste!

When I have my own thing, I want to be like this guy! What a quality! I’ll always prefer savoury to sweet but I already can’t wait to go back and bring my hubby along too.

So I guess this is an ode to crafters, artists and to independent businesses, I will always be there to support them however I can.

What local business do you admire?

Thanks for reading as always.



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