My name is Sara, nice to meet you!

I live for travelling. I am a travelaholic!

I was born and brought up in Garda, a small and lovely village in the north of Italy, and since an early age I was interested in different cultures and foreign languages. When I was twelve I was already very determined in learning foreign languages in order to communicate with people from different countries.

After studying languages at school, where I chose German, Spanish and English, I moved abroad to become fluent and to learn and experience different cultures. As a result, I now have five different places I call home and homesickness is not an easy time for me..

I have lived in Spain, Australia, Germany, Italy of course and now Scotland has been my home for the past five years. I work for a great ethical and sustainable tour operator in Edinburgh and in my spare time I explore the world whether locally or further away. I would buy myself some time if I could, to explore more and more.

I have indeed settled a little at the moment but I am not able to compromise my travels. I love speaking about foreign countries and my main conversation topic and interest is about where you are going on holidays next. I would love to hear from you too. Talking about travelling does indeed make me feel like I am on a trip so I am happy!

I am a big supporter of what stated from Eugene Fodor “You don’t have to be rich to travel well.” 

The question I get asked most when I tell my friends I got a new plane ticket to somewhere new is “How do you do it?” They refer to money and time. The majority of friends that ask me this kind of question, normally book their holidays through a travel agency and end up spending a week in a 5 stars resort, which yes, costs money.

See, I don’t really travel that way. I get bored after spending 2 hours on the beach or by the swimming pool. I like to explore, to walk around, discover parks and hidden gems of the places I visit. Also, I normally travel often and for a shorter amount of time than the majority of tourists. This way I can disconnect often and I always feel fresh because new places give me that sense of happiness and freedom.

My point is that travelling and enriching yourself is not about spending a lot of money, I promise.

You can get a plane ticket in advance getting the best offer, you book an hostel or an AirBnB room and you eat local food from a bakery or the market.

By doing that you experience the real place you are visiting on top of spending less money.
I will tell you more about how I manage to escape eight times per year on a basic salary.

Stay tuned!