Ben Lawers with Rabbie’s Tours

January 2018 One of my happiest and coldest memories in Scotland <3 As part of the Green Team at Rabbie’s Tours, we took a day to visit the trees that were planted by the Rabbie’s’ crew a few years back. Shame I don’t have the picture of the lovely pies we had at Mhor Bread […]

A quick escape to Naples and Sorrento

A quick escape to Naples and Sorrento I am a bit late on posting pictures and thoughts about my wee escape to Naples and Sorrento back in 2016 when spending a week in Rome. But better late than never, they say 😉 As you may have read in my post about Rome, October 2016 finally […]

Two weeks in Garda

Two weeks in Garda I have been pretty quiet in the last few weeks as I was busy spending time with family and friends back home in Garda, Lake Garda. What a place to call home, I will never get tired to say it! 🙂 Where is Garda? Garda is a town of 4000 inhabitants […]

Walking in Montserrat

Walking in Montserrat One of the best things you can do in Barcelona, is using it as a base to have a day trip to Montserrat. Montserrat is a mountain famous for its geological formation and rounded peaks. It is a popular destination among Christian pilgrims who visit Santa Maria de Montserrat, a Benedectine abbey […]

What to wear when exploring in Scotland

What to wear when exploring in Scotland The type of experience you will have when travelling in Scotland will pretty much depend on what you will wear. Pack the wrong clothes and your trip is deemed to be cold, wet and all these nice things that Scottish weather throws at you 😉 If you live […]

Parc de Cervantes Barcelona

Parc de Cervantes Barcelona Today we entered phase 2 in Barcelona, which means freedom to walk at any time we want (more or less). Barcelona never stops to surprise me, today we cycled Diagonal – this beautiful avenue that crosses the city in diagonal – towards the university’s area and walked in Parc de Cervantes. […]

Ethiopian food in Barcelona

Ethiopian food in Barcelona is becoming more and more popular. Round the corner from our flat, there’s an Ethiopian restaurant we have been meaning to try for a while now. And last night we finally had the pleasure to do so. We booked a table on The Fork, once again, and also noticed that we […]

Venezuelan food in Barcelona

Venezuelan food in Barcelona is abundant and something we did not have while living in Edinburgh. Today Ba and I were supposed to get married in Edinburgh, the city we met and lived together for a decade before moving to Barcelona last year. In order to celebrate our non-wedding day (a bit like your non-birthday […]

Travelling and packing light

Travelling and packing light Travel gear doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, however there are a few tricks that are good to consider. If there’s one piece of advice I would give to any traveller is to pack light, most specifically pack one small backpack. You don’t need more! Thanks to laundries. Honestly, the […]

Best things to do in Barcelona

It’s hard to shortlist the best things to do in Barcelona. Barcelona stole my heart back in 2006, when I arrived with a one-way Ryanair flight on a sunny October day. Since then, it’s been a love-hate relationship, it’s an incredible city and here are the best and unique things that make it so special. […]


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