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Walking in Montserrat

Walking in Montserrat One of the best things you can do in Barcelona, is using it as a base to have a day trip to Montserrat. Montserrat is a mountain famous for its geological formation and rounded peaks. It is a popular destination among Christian pilgrims who visit Santa Maria de Montserrat, a Benedectine abbey […]


What to wear when exploring in Scotland

What to wear when exploring in Scotland The type of experience you will have when travelling in Scotland will pretty much depend on what you will wear. Pack the wrong clothes and your trip is deemed to be cold, wet and all these nice things that Scottish weather throws at you 😉 If you live […]


Parc de Cervantes Barcelona

Parc de Cervantes Barcelona Today we entered phase 2 in Barcelona, which means freedom to walk at any time we want (more or less). Barcelona never stops to surprise me, today we cycled Diagonal – this beautiful avenue that crosses the city in diagonal – towards the university’s area and walked in Parc de Cervantes. […]


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