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Ben Lawers with Rabbie’s Tours

January 2018 One of my happiest and coldest memories in Scotland <3 As part of the Green Team at Rabbie’s Tours, we took a day to visit the trees that were planted by the Rabbie’s’ crew a few years back. Shame I don’t have the picture of the lovely pies we had at Mhor Bread […]

A quick escape to Naples and Sorrento

A quick escape to Naples and Sorrento I am a bit late on posting pictures and thoughts about my wee escape to Naples and Sorrento back in 2016 when spending a week in Rome. But better late than never, they say 😉 As you may have read in my post about Rome, October 2016 finally […]

Two weeks in Garda

Two weeks in Garda I have been pretty quiet in the last few weeks as I was busy spending time with family and friends back home in Garda, Lake Garda. What a place to call home, I will never get tired to say it! 🙂 Where is Garda? Garda is a town of 4000 inhabitants […]

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