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Nature walks and rides in Barcelona

Barcelona is one the densest cities of Europe, and it is not unsurprising that people seek nature to escape smog and noise come the weekend or during the week. The Collserola hill is accessible by bycicle or foot and it is my small piece of heaven on earth here in the city.

Summer recipe

Let me tell you about the recipe I came up with tonight 🙂 I had promised my hubby for our comfort meal tonight, spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and prawns. After my run, I headed to the shop and bought all the necessary: cooked prawns, wholemeal spaghetti (a first), and other things. The idea was to […]

Slowing down in Garda

Hello bloggers! After a week in Nebraska for a work event, and 3 months with non stop working, I took a week off to come home and recharge. As I get older I love my village more and more, although I would still find it hard and almost inconceivable, to leave the life I made […]

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