Best time to visit Scotland

Best time to visit Scotland?

In August, during the Fringe Festival taking place in Edinburgh.

Today it’s the first unofficial day of the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, the biggest arts festival in the world. Unofficial, because the actual start day this year, is the 3rd.

However, the atmosphere is already amazing and the first shows take place today, and are also discounted.

What an amazing birthday gift today, as I am off and I can celebrate the Fringe!

Many people come here just for the festival in the month of August, many others are here for leisure and don’t know about it, and then there are the locals, the ones that hate it and the ones, like me obviously, who love it.

It can be overwhelming to walk around during festival time but my tip would be to just embrace the buzziness and enjoy! You’re not gonna get places fast, but if you’re patient you can enjoy this fantastic time of the year.

World Press Photo Exhibition

Best time to visit Scotland
World Press Photo

It’s held at the Parliament and it’s free. It includes pictures about the Venezuelan political crisis, Chinese meat factories, refugees lives, the genocide in Myanmar, among others. It’s an amazing collection of photos which teach us about what’s going on in our world. It’s sad, but it’s important we know about this and reflect upon it. Overall it’s a stunning exhibition which you can’t miss.

Best time to visit Scotland

See a comedy

We’re going to see Anuvab Pal: Empire today at the Pleasance for just £7 and it’s supposed to be one of the top 20 shows of this year’s Fringe.

03/08/2018*update: the show was hilarious! I laughed till crying! One of those comedians I could go and see again and again 😉

Another guy I’ll definitely go and see for the 4th year in a row is Archie Maddocks. His show is at 13.55 almost every day and it costs £4. He’ll make you cry from laughing for the whole show.

Have a drink at one of the pop-up venues.

One of my favourites is the Cow shed in Cowgate. They have different bands playing every night and beers on tap. What else?

Best time to visit Scotland

Have you ever been to Scotland in August? Did you know about the Fringe or did you just happen to be in Edinburgh at the same time without knowing it?

For more ideas about what to do in Scotland, have a read at my posts here:

Thank you for reading xxx


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