Sant Joan in Barcelona

I was dreading Sant Joan, ‘The Night of Fire’, as Catalans call it, as it is mainly celebrated with kilos of gun powder throughout the night, which means a lot of noise!

It may be age, but I now prefer silence and I am quite glad Sant Joan is over. After living for over eight years in the UK, and for a short time in Australia, I easily got used to the fantastic thing that is ‘health and safety’, and let me tell you, I did not feel safe at all the other night. I mean, people were shooting actual fireworks from the curbs outside bars, and kids lighting smaller firecrackers next to cars and bikes, with no actual concern. Despite that, I did venture outside with my boyfriend and friend, who were excited as little kids, and tried to enjoy the scenario around me…

The highlight was the music in Plaça del Sol, in Gracia, my neighbourhood, which was fire-free, and where people were actually dancing and having a good time..until someone threw a big firecracker in the crowd..that was scary, and at that point we decided to leave.

I think I am a fun kind of girl, but I found the all thing about Sant Joan quite dangerous and not really enjoyable. I am not sure who cleaned after in the neighbourhood, but the beach in Sitges the day after, was a completely disgrace..the rests of fireworks and firecrackers were all over the beach, families and alike were sunbathing and swimming, but no one cared about picking up the rubbish. The funny thing was that there was then a plastic kind of art to represent the environmental issues we are facing…what a paradox eh?

I still feel upset about that, actually 😦

Runt over…

Take care of our planet for real!



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